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hi everyone,

just tonight as i was going to drive home from a friends house, i went to put on my headlights.. it was dark out.
but i noticed they did not turn on, and then further testing, my high beams didnt turn on either.
the notification on the dash board didnt even light up about my high beams being turned on. the only lights that work are the running lights, which were very dim and didnt illuminate the road at all.

i havent done anything major to the car lately, except for one modification.
on the interior of the car, i installed 6 blue led lights for the passenger and driver side that shine on the floor, its very neat.
this is connected to a ground and to the cigarette lighter fuse in the fuse box.
when this problem arose tonight, i disconnected the connection to the fuse box, to make sure that this was not the culprit.

headlight fuses have been checked, and the fuse that the leds were connected to were checked as well. i put a meter on one of the wires that go to the headlight bulbs, and it was not getting any power, so it is not a bulb. battery was disconnected and reconnected as well.

any suggestions? my car is an 06 elantra, 16100 miles.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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