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Hyundai Santa Fe 2004 auxiliary light wiring diagram.. Help?

I did use the Hella harness to connect to the relay and the driving lights, but had to splice wires to get the trigger/ relay ground working properly. Your driving light harness is based on switching the positive ( as the vast majority of vehicles do), but Hyundai switches the ground, so, in order to use the existing switch, fiddling about is needed. I just gave up and stopped searching for an alternative to drilling into the removable dust cover (NOT the headlight housing; the cap you remove to change the headlight bulb). IS there another way? Probably.
Yeah. Old thread, but i need some answers. So.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2004 auxiliary light wiring diagram. Is there someone who can tell me how this is done? I do it all the time om other cars. Bit this car has something funky going on...
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