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Alright, I tried searching for this topic on the site for 20 minutes so if there is one perhaps someone to can point me to it.

I have an '07 with the 3.3 liter just for everyone's edification with just now over 100k miles. When I have the cd player running for about 20-30 minutes the sound devolves into static before finally just simply not playing the cd at all. Swapping discs doesn't change anything. In fact when I put in a new cd it goes to static in 5-10 minutes.

Anybody experienced this?

Everything has been peachy-keen with this car and it's been the most trouble free car I've had. So this recent issue hasn't soured me, but I would really like to know the cause of this before I spend money. I'm hoping that the cd drive just needs to be cleaned some kind of way instead of buy/installing a new head unit. Any input/ideas are welcomed.

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