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Hi guys,

I've been scrambling through the internet for the last few days now trying to find some information on the Audio system of the 2001 4dr accent. I've ordered a wiring harness to fit a new head unit and I'm fairly confident I understand how the head unit replacement procedure works.

What I'm really having trouble with on the other hand is the rear speakers. I have no clue of their size but I can't even access them. One of them is crackly so I want to replace both of them with some aftermarket speakers. I've heard that you need to remove the whole carpet bearing shelf.

Fair enough, I took my socket set and screw drivers and approached the menial task with confidence. Only to find that 5 minutes later I'm completely dumbfounded and have no idea where to turn. I've taken off a black plastic trim held with little spiky plastic thumb tack things from behind the rear seats and I've taken out the three bolts that were holding in little black clips (that I believe are for securing baby seats).

There appears to be nothing else holding the assembly in place, but a firm lifting/pulling motion will do nothing to convince it into moving. I've also checked the brake light but there are no visible screws and I don't think it pops out like trim would.

Can someone please tell me how this is supposed to be done. I'm tearing my hair out.

Thanks :)
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