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Having finally finished filing taxes on Wednesday, I decided to go celebrate at a local Hyundai dealer. :)

I needed to replace my large and thirsty Taurus with something smaller and more frugal, but still wanted the leather seats and Bluetooth & tech goodies, so I set out to research the usual suspects (Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc). I came across a photo of a 2011 Sonata and liked the styling, but never really considered Hyundai to be a major competitor.

I checked out the usual suspects (Accord, Camry, Fusion, Altima) but the Sonata lured me in with its fluid styling, piquing my curiosity enough to go see it in person. And it looks better in person than in pictures, inside and out. it has a sensation of movement even when standing still. All I remember thinking was, "Wow! This is a Hyundai?"

I recall seeing two or three Limiteds in stock on the dealer's site, but found out that two had already been sold (one of them before it even arrived on the truck, apparently). The salesman knew his stuff, touching on all the technical details which I already researched online, and then some. Then he retrieved the keys to a Radiant Silver 2011 Sonata Limited (no Nav, but I use a Garmin) and pulled it around, and gave me the driver's seat as he talked about the car. I was impressed by the roominess, the fit and finish, the layout, the long list of standard features... All I remember thinking was, "Wow! This is a Hyundai?"

The test drive sealed the deal. This car was smooth & quiet on the highway, with good pep, excellent instrument layout, comfy seating position, good road feel, and an average 39 MPG on the highway portion of the test. The car was as much fun to drive as the Accord and better equipped. I had rented an '08 Sonata for 2 days when on a trip, and thought it was OK, but nothing special, a bit cheap inside and not very refined mechanically. This new version has none of those shortcomings. It is a completely different car. This time I said it out loud: "I can't believe this is a Hyundai!"

When I saw the price, even before incentives (which were generous), it became apparent that I had to have this car. The driving experience, initial quality, fuel economy, warranty, and price had each of the others beat. It was too late to get the financing done, as the dealer was closing, so I signed an agreement allowing me to take it home for 24 hours. I was able to test it during a normal work day, and the more I drove the more I liked. So on Tax Day, I finalized the deal, and became a new member of the Hyundai family.

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