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H100 Indicator Problem

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Hi I have a problem with the indicators-they have stopped working.The emergency flashers have also started acting erratically,generally working after a whack on the dash,just over the switch.I can hear the emergency flashers operating the relay,but the left and right turn indicators appear dead.I have looked at the cabling at the rear of the fuse block and this is ok, as is the flasher relay inside, with no burn damage.Is there any connection, or routing through the emergency flasher button that may cause a contionuity faut.Help please,I am reduced to hand signals!!
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Hiya Fixit.
The only thing I can suggest is changing your indicator stalk, they tend to fail in weird ways.
Hi thanks for replying so quick,i was wondering if i can check the contact action you dont happen to know the stalk coluor code by any chance.will have another dig about in the stalk area
thanks for your help
I`m sorry, but I don`t know the colour code, there`s no bloody manual so it all gets a bit difficult.
I think there`s one bloke here who has access to one, but depends if he`s about.
All I can suggest is get another from a scrapper for as cheap as poss and swap them out. If it doesn`t solve it your out a fiver (opps Laaandon innit mebbe a tenner :whistling: ) And if it does solve it, it`s a cheap fix.
Wouldn`t bother with Hyundai, they wanted £66 off me for an electric window switch. I only wanted the clip that kept it in the door..
Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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