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I bought my H1 partly because of the huge space and diesel engine.

Initially with a huge space, I thought that I can just one day replace the existing bench seats with any after market seats.
The existing seating configuration is
1st row = Driver + 2 seats;
2nd row = 3 seats;
3rd row = 3 seats.

Apparently I can only replace the 2nd row seats with 1+1 seats as I need space to access to the 3rd row. I havent found a replacement 2nd row seats that will gives 3 seats (with more bucket feel) as I couldnt find one that has a sliding mechanism.

The other problem would be, I fear is the if I fit any seats, I would have safety problems:

1. Seat belts
2. New seats would not be bolted down securely, assuming that the original H1 seats are bolted down on main chassis frames.e.g. If the seats are bolted merely on the floor pan, this maybe a safety isssue.

Nissan Elgrand has the most innovative seats, with aircraft type foot rests,calf rests, leather etc and most of all a very nice center seats sliding mechanism. I am thinking of getting a used Elgrand interior and swap out in my H1.

Anyone have any ideas how this can be done??

Apart from the safety issues, would I be facing any other issues?

Thanks in advance!
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