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Not a bad project at all once I figured a few things out.

Ebay, $11.25 free shipping, OEM Genesis Wing logo with tabs removed. If tabs aren't removed, you will need to remove them because they won't match up with the H logo holes.

I like the Genesis Wing much better than the H on the rear. It now matches the front wing.

I will NOT replace the Genesis lettering to make it a G80. I actually like the Genesis name better. I tell friends "it's a Hyundai Genesis", no shame in saying Huyndai. In fact, I'm rather proud to say I drive a Hyundai and not an MB or BMW (I've owned 6 MB including 3 S Class and 4 Bimmers including a 750Li and a Bavaria). I replaced this for cosmesis, not to hide what it is.

I used a hair dryer to soften the H adhesive and used fishing line to cut through it. Dental floss kept breaking. A heat gun is way too dangerous for the paint in my hands.

Getting the adhesive off was much more difficult than in the video. I used WD40, paint safe Goof Off, elbow grease with a microfiber towel but it really didn't come off until I used the hair dryer. It became more like sticky gum and got easy after heat. Even with a hair dryer on the adhesive with the logo removed. Don't over heat the paint, monitor temps with your free hand

Not shown in the video. I put silicone sealant in the trunk holes just in case moisture some how gets behind the 3M adhesive.


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