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Finally found a set of springs besides the storm brand. Didn’t really trust that, so I went looking and found out that h&r Europe has springs for our cars. Ordered them from Germany on 4/15 and they arrived 4/20 with free shipping $279.

The install was probably the easiest I’ve ever done ( I’ve lowered well over 50 cars with all sorts of suspension set ups). Only annoying part is having to removed the wipers and cowl to get access to the top hat bolts.

The ride is definitely more stiff than stock. However it is not jarring nor uncomfortable. I live in Milwaukee where to roads are absolute trash and have no issues, no noise, nothing. The steering feels much more responsive and the body roll has virtually disappeared.

Originally the space between the edge of the fenders and the floor was 30 inches front and 30.5 inches at the rear. These springs lowered those measurements to 28 3/4 inches up front and 29 1/4 at the rear.


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