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Group Buy Offer

Dtgautos is offering the Blind Side Adapter (BSA)
kit with a GPS Module to all Hyundai Forum members for just $170 to the next 30 buyers.

Here are the posts in the forum for the "Blind Spot Assist Installed" thread.

Contact or eBay Store DTGautos01 to get the Group Buy offer.

Shown below are the simple installation instruction for both items and also pictures of the BSA Kit & GPS module..

Text Diagram Design Technical drawing Parallel

Technology Electronic device Wire Groupset Gadget

Technology Fuel line Electronic device Wire

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If you want to get the deal, please leave following information via PM.

Name :
Address :
Blind Sensor Color you need : Black, Silver or White
Phone Number :
Paypal Address :

Then, Please send the $10 deposit for the spot.

This deal will be ended on Nov 3th (Sunday 12PM PST)

The price of the item will be $170 BSA+GPS

It will go back to $200 after the date.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!!!
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