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Hyundai i10 SE - 1.2L Manual
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I have a 65 plate UK Hyundai i10 SE 1.2L. I've purchased the Nextbase dashcam hardwire kit but I'm having issues with it that I'm currently thinking is an issue with the ground.

No change to fuse box - AC works
Remove AC fuse - AC doesn't work (as expected)
Install hardwire kit - AC works. Dashcam does not.

I've tried the two screws at the bottom of the fuse box as ground but no luck. I also tried a painted black screw in the footwell but again no luck.

The 2A supplied fuse for the dashcam portion looks fine and the dashcam itself will respond to the ignition being turned on if plugged in using the 12V cigarette socket so the dashcam itself seems fine.

I'm also contacting Nextbase support but I thought I'd also post here since people here will be more familiar with the i10.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Gordon, welcome to the forum 00000732

Any screw/bolt that threads into the metal car body will serve as a ground for your dash cam.
Do you have a voltmeter or test light to test the wiring with?
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