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Well I'm going to be blunt...for a long time I have always thought of Hyundai's as cheap cars which I have never given a second glance towards, n weren't my thing at all. My grandfather had a new X1 Excel, and years later was given a mint X2 which I promptly sold-on, but that was the limit of my time with Hyundai's. That was until I started my new job recently as parts manager for BMW (which has been my career and personal-preferance background), and also was required to deal with Hyundai's. Oh how my opinion has changed!!!

Managing parts for Hyundai is a breeze, as there is seldom from the basic service parts, and the odd trim piece which requires replacing, but the parts prices are insanely cheap! The reliability of these cars and stress levels of the Hyundai techs at work is akin to cruisey in comparison, and this made me start to wonder...especially given the time and effort which I spend on BMW's each day. Hmmmm!

As someone who is wanting to save money and 'get ahead' atm, with no family nor responsibilities, a Getz is making more and more sense. Sure these do little to whet my appetite in a driving sense or image, but screw it...all I seem to do is drive to work n back, maybe the odd trip to the shops, n besides, have a bigger n gnarlier Jeep for offroad fun (when I send it up north soon).

In the coming weeks, I will be selling my Land Rover Discovery diesel which is fully overhauled n kitted up, and down-sizing to a used Getz at a great price through work. I know my mates are going to think I'm crazy doing this, granted, but I have my near new Jeep to be transported up to me soon, so the Getz makes financial and practical sense...period. It's to be the daily driver n run around which costs me near zilch!

I suppose that I wish to declare losing a chunk of my manhood in such a decision, n wanting a cheap run-around which I can rely upon. It hurts saying that, but commonsense is overruling my heart. Ouch! :p
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