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Hello Everyone,

I just bought a new Jet and I hail from perth, wa.

I bought a 2001 2.7l jet with 130,000 km on the clock. I picked it up yesterday and today while cleaning and driving it, I noticed a few things.

I hope you could shed some light on these issues.

1) Speedometer jumps all over the place. I could be doing 100 km/h but it will bounce to 0 then to 50 and up and down. Is it electrically connected?
2) I noticed this on some other jets, the ashtray just falls right out. It does not stop. You pull it and it comes all the way. Is there a fix for this?
3) I get a knocking noise whenever I moved the steering wheel. Be it stationary or moving. It sounds like its coming from the right suspension, but I'm not sure.
4) My LHF door central locking doesnt work. Im guess its the mechanism.
5) The straps for the rear seats are torn and no matter how I squeeze the metal bars underneath, I cannot get the seats to fold down.

Ive also noticed that the car feels a bit underpowered with a full load.

HOWEVER, even with all the above faults I LOVE IT. The space, the ride comfort, the ability to fit all my family members in it. :grin:

If i could sort out all the above issues, I would love it even more.....

I appreciate all comments. Thank You.
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