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Ok, so here is part 2 of our 'stereo' install in the getz, which will focus on the front speakers. In part 1, I went over the under seat Kicker subs install.

Let me start by saying that it wasfrustrating trying to find information on what the actual speaker size is in the getz! There is some conflicting information out there. Are they 6" are they 6.5"? Do I need a mounting ring, etc? Ugh.

My knowledge of speakers is also very limited, so I don't claim to be an expert by any means. However, I hope some of this information is helpful for some people. There also also some pretty welfare things going on in this install, so I'm not claiming this to be the correct way to do things. So here is my experience with putting new speakers in the getz:

1)What speakers are actually in the getz front door - They are component speakers, meaning there is a woofer down below and a tweeter above in the plastic 'sail'. The woofer seems to be a 6" when I measured.

When you replace the speakers you can either: A) replace it with another component set that doesn't require extra power wires or external crossover. These are meant to be ran off of the head unit, so they are a basic upgrade from the stock speakers. This is option I chose. The set I used to replace it is the Pioneer TS-G1605C. These are 16cm speakers (6.2"??) and fit perfectly into the stock speaker mount, even the holes aligned perfectly. This set has a crossover which is actually a capacitor in the wiring between the woofer and the tweeter, so no external crossover needed. I got this set used for $30, but they can be bought new for about $75-100.

B )
You can choose component set that requires additional power and an external crossover that needs to be mounted. This would be a better upgrade choice.

C) Skip the crossovers altogether, and use a coaxial speaker where the woofer would go ( and unhook the tweeter I think?). This would be a 2 or 3 way speaker, meaning that there is a tweeter mounted on the woofer itself.

2) Change in speaker size? - OK, so we had a 2006 getz, and now a 2011 Getz. Somewhere along the lines, they had changed the front woofer speaker size from a round 6" to a smaller 5" or so speaker with a square metal surround. See the first picture below for reference. The good thing is that the mounts can be easily swapped. I would recommend making sure you've got the round type mount as it accepts a bigger speaker. I got a spare set of mounts and speakers for $30 from an auto wrecker. I had originally planned to swap the square-ish speaker with stock round ones.

3) Prepping the speakers - As I said earlier, the woofer lined up perfectly. I use an old yoga mat to give a bit of cushion on the backside (the old gasket is very thin). I then bought a strip of foam from Bunnings for $10, and using double sided mounting tape, created a surround for the speaker to enclose the sound. I connected the wires to an old speaker clip from the speakers I got from the wreckers. That way, these new speakers can simply plug into the existing clip in the door.

The original tweeter has a bit of adhesive but can be pried out easily. The small plastic bits holding it in took a bit of shaving from the Dremel to allow the new tweeter to fit in. I used a dab of liquid nails to keep it in place.

4) Installing the speakers- So the door panel comes off fairly easily, takes about 5 minutes. The annoying part is unplugging the wiring harness from the door switches, and re-installing the door handle.There are some videos on youtube showing how the door panel comes off.

The woofer mounts simply screw in, and the wires ran up to where the tweeter goes.

5) Soundproofing - OK, so here's the welfare part. Yes I know this isn't actual soundproofing. I didn't want to spend the money on actual soundproofing (not without better speakers anyways), and didn't want to use that asphalt product many people use from the hardware store.

So I used more of the old yoga mat , doubled up, and glued it (using Liquid Nails) over the vapor barrier, where the big holes in the door are. Again, I'm not endorsing this, but simply sharing what I did.

That's it, that's all. So far, it sounds pretty good, especially with the under seat subs. The tweeters have alot of presence in this set compared to stock. My partner drove the car and said 'wow , the stereo sounds so good', without prompting her, so to me that says alot!

Hopefully this has been helpful! Feel free to ask any questions/comments and please don't crucify me for using the yoga mat.


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