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Hey guys, installed the 'stereo' in our 2011 Getz this last weekend, and thought I'd share a few pics of the process in case it's helpful for someone else. I can only upload so many photos at a time, so this is part 1, just focusing on the under seat subs that we put in . In another thread I'll go over the speaker install.

The subs are Kicker Hideaway HS8 under seat active subs. For an under seat sub, these are actually pretty impressive! They sell for around $500 new, but we got a used pair on Ebay for $260 shipped. At 150 watts RMS, they are much better than the under seat CP-AS1080 fusion models (we had tried those before, they have an output of 100 watts RMS). These subs are also great as we don't have to give up any space in the trunk. So here's how the install went:

1) Running the wires : there is a grommet behind the throttle body that is fairly easy to cut a hole in and run the wires through. The large plastic pipe going to the airbox has to be removed to access this area. I used a hobby knife to cut a hole in the grommet, and metal coat hanger to gently guide with wires through. Staying toward the top of the grommet gave an easy path.

Inside the car, it was easy to see the hanger poking through and pull the wires through. Once through, I ran the wires inside the metal clips along the passenger's side door.

*Note that I used 8 gauge wires, but I believe the original harnesses were a 14 gauge wire I think. So 8 gauge is overkill for these subs, but if I needed to run amps in the future or something, then the wiring is already ran.

2) Creating mounting plates: I used 12mm MDF to make some mounting plates under the seats. I then removed the seats (fairly easy, four 14mm bolts), the skirting along the door, and the bolt neat the rear seat. The carpet has lots of play in it, and I then used Liquid Nails (1 tube per side) to glue the MDF down with. I later used make-a-bracket from bunnings, which fit perfectly in the subwoofer housing to mount them down to this MDF (overtop of the carpet) eventually. Yes it does smell a bit for a few days, but it's not overpowering.

3) Running the other wiring: I ran the RCA's from the deck, and the RCA's also had a small power signal wire to tap into the deck's power. I ran the RCA's away from the power wires, down below the center cup holder/shifter housing (also easy to remove). For the ground, I used the bolt under the hand brake, and sanded it down of course. From there, the wiring harness with these subs just connects to all of those wires (with butt connectors, and some wired RCA connectors), and simply plugs into the subs.

4) Bracket near battery: I used some make-a-bracket from Bunnings to make a bracket to hold the 50A fuses near the battery.

Part 2 - Speakers to come in the next post

Any feedback welcome!


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