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Am hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice as to what may be the issue with my daughter's automatic 1400 Getz 2007.

Car performs almost normally in cool weather but in hot sunny weather it can stutter quite badly and she said that on one occasion the car kangaroo jumped and almost stalled as she was driving through an intersection which is worrying.

I've replaced plugs and leads as I used to have an Excel that needed new lead replacements at least twice due to them arcing out on the engine head and cause misfiring. However that didn't fix this issue and now weather is cooler it temporarily isn't a problem at the moment. I had all the fuel filters replaced last service and has also had timing belt done less than 20K ago.

I did talk to the Hyundai Service Centre and they said it was likely to be the electrical coils (apparently Getz have two) given the hot weather connection. The cost to supply and fit was going to be in the $400AUD range. Before I look at getting that done can anyone confirm that this could indeed be a possible likely cause - or if not, what else it could be. Not sure of exact odometer reading but less than 100K.

Much appreciation for any suggestions.
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