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My car is a 1.1 Getz (2003) three doors: 70k miles on ODO.

(1) Of late my hood won't pop open, so I have to get my finger in between the gap and use my finger to push the latch to the left to open the hood. I have use lubricating oil and also some WD 40 on it and it still wont' loosen up.

The main problem appears to be the spring that pushes the hood up is not working properly so the hood is still hooked and you have to manfully release the latch. Has anyone experienced this problem before - and if so is it easy to self fix? could even buy parts from ebay.

(2) I get some humming coming from the left hand side of the car, and at low speeds, I am talking traffic creep speeds it sometimes causes the car to vibrate and the steering wheel shakes as well. I suspect it might be wheel bearing.

All advise and thoughts are welcome.
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