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Hi everybody.

I have an i20 Magna Petrol, which was purchased in 2009. From the beginning, it had problems with its computer, which caused problems multiple times.

Recently, a new problem surfaced.

My driver was riding the car with my family, he wanted to change the gear. For this, the clutch pedal was pressed, and tried to change the gear. Suddenly, he heard a grinding sound, and now the gear is unresponsive. Vehicle stops at the centre of the road. He call somebody to push the car to the road side. After ten minutes, you try to start the car, now it runs as if nothing has happened. I gave the car for repair to the dealer, they told that there is no problem.

This happened again, now during night time, luckily I had someone with me to push the car.

Can any body tell what is happening? Or am I just unlucky to purchase this crap?

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