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Hi folks,
we have a 2016 new shape Tuscon 1.7 Diesel - Manual,and only has done 22000 km since new and yesterday morning while driving the gear lever just jumped out of gear and locked solid in the neutral position.
Yes the lever could not be moved one bit, then after turning off and then on again the selector went into 1st gear then as soon as you needed to change it would jump out and lock.
The AA fitter said that he had never seen anything like this before and kindly towed the motor to the a main Dealership, Hutton and Meade in Dublin.

The guys at the dealership are a bit busy and have quite a rotten attitude to customer care and were very abusive to my wife over the phone yesterday, and again today. however they crux is they will only get to look at this next week.
My questions are:-
1- has anyone experienced this yet?
2 - is this a warranty fix
3 - is this a factory recall that is yet to be made public?.

Your opinions and answers are appreciated TIA
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