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G'Day all,

Good to find a forum on the Trajet as info can be hard to find sometimes.

Any way we have a 01 GLS V6 2.7 Trajet auto. Have had it since new and it has been a fantastic car, Nearly 190000 Kim's on the car now with only basic maintenance and a radiator replacement. Only issues we have had was a blown rear shock replaced under warranty and two faulty hi tensile leads both replaced under warranty.

It is the wife's car and we use it for long distance travel as well. Have found the car tows our camper trailer and box trailer great.

Had the car repain ted this year as the paintwork was looking very sad. While we were doing that had the later model clear rear taillights fitted. Unbelievable we had to modify to get them to fit as the bracketry in the body is different.

Cracked our exhaust pipe just under the standard manifolds a couple of years ago so had them replaced with extractors off a V6 Tiburon.

The only two bad things about the car are it has the worst headlights
I have ever driven behind on low beam. hey are bloody terrible. the other is the car is an absolute pig on tyres with no more than 30000kms out of a set with regular rotation and alignments.

look forward to info inthe Trajet forum.

Cheers, Chris
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