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I have a 2005 Silver Tiburon with 55K miles on it. Original owner.

About a year or so ago, I noticed that the plastic cover to the gas cap (the door that swings open when you press the release in the car), has faded horribly. The paint is nearly gone.

The Dealer told me they were not familiar with this as being a "known issue" and were not sure what could cause it . . . However, I have seen several Tiburons with the same issue around. I go out of my way to see other Tib's gas cover . . . . and it DOES seem to be a possible issue . . . because my car is certainly not alone.

Does anyone have this issue with their Tiburon? Know anything about it?

I would hope that if there were enough of us with the same problem (and I believe there are), that there would be a recall for the part?

I hate it. My car is in mint condition. Not a scratch and the paint is like new . . . . and then I have this god-awful looking gas cap door . . .
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