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First Impressions last a lifetime...

My wife and I recently had to bring in our 2011 Sonata SE to have a new wheel installed that was replaced at the expense of a car wash owner.
The car wash was touchless but it had a wheel guide that messed up the 18" rim pretty bad...the owner was really considerate and agreed to purchase us a new wheel.

So we go to Garvey to have them do the labor and install the wheel the carwash had purchased ($418.00 receipted) for us and they actually scratched the new wheel while putting on the tire!

I check the trunk for the old wheel and the service manager decided that they were going to keep the wheel for warranty purposes? Who the **** does he think he's dealing with? That wheel was purchased by me when I purchased the car.

After much debate, and the fact that we would not leave without our old wheel, they decided to give it back to us.

Right as we were about to get in our car and leave, a mechanic squeeled the tires on another customers car while pulling out of the garage and almost rolled the tire off the rim as he took a 180 degree turn back to the parking lot. UNREAL!!!!!

I will not be going back to that dealer for any service on our car. They showed very little class (and intelligence) for my first impression.

Garvey = beat your car up and steal your property.
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