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Im starting to compile a shed load of parts for the s coupe and im getting around to fueling. i'v got saab red top injectors which on the net are rated anywhere between 315cc and 365cc depending on where you look!? suppose it depends on fuel pressure!!! im getting a adjustable FPR off ebay for £25 (universal type effort) and for the fuel pump there is one on ebay from the US which quoted as having the same flow as a walbro 255lph pump? just have to wait and see!!
To control the fueling im going the easy path with a Apexi VAFC ii I was told it does everything the SAFC ii does but it has vtec control sunction that i dont have to use and its £80 from a mate!! Just hope this setup will support 14psi on the t25 without messing ign timing up??
All comments/info/help welcome.
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