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Hi all,

I got my first Santa Fe a couple of months ago, it's a 2001 2.0 litre engine with 90,000 miles, drives nice but the engine is under powered for such a big car. I am in Ireland and insurance and road tax is pretty expensive, so I didnt really have much choice with regards to engine size.

Anyways I believe that the fuel light bulb is gone on the dashboard and I am wondering what type of bulb I need to get to replace it, also what type of bulb would I need to change the glow colour of the gauges.

Also one other question do Santa Fe's generally make creaky noises from the front end, I have just had the front wishbones and anti roll bar bushes replaced, the mechanic has said he has greased everything up so there should be no noise, maybe its just the age of the car.
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