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I few months ago I bought a 2005 Accent on Craigslist. It had 4000 miles on it.
The story is - a lady bought it new then she dies and it sat in her carport for 14 years.
The interior and engine are pristine.
The exterior looks like a beater.
It runs great.

But ...

The fuel gage is pretty much stuck on 5/8 tank.

No problemo for me though. I just keep track of odometer to refill.

However, I have found that when I get to 150-200 miles on the tank, if I step on the accelerator hard, when the engine picks up some rpm, it stutters as if being fuel-starved.

The two symptoms lead me to want to replace the whole fuel sender/pump unit.

But - I can't figure out why it chokes on half a tank when it runs just great when the tank is full.

There is only one pickup point on the pump, and it is right at the bottom so it should not be experiencing a clogged inlet air as if it had ports at various heights.

I wonder about water in the fuel.

And yet the fauly gage (it moves a fraction, when the tank gets to about half I can see the needle move maybe one needles-width) makes me certain the sender/pump is faulted.

But, looking at it, I can see how the gage might be off if the float got stuck from sitting for years at half a tank.

But I cannot grasp the choking/starving on acceleration with half a tank.

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