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Hi guys,

I posted this in this section for more exposure. Trying to get rid if this, my lease is almost up.

Paid $1,000+ for it brand new less than 2 years ago.

Asking $400 for it or best offer, picked up in Queens, NY only.

It needs to be cleaned up a bit, the second resonator has been deleted.

Last year I hit a manhole and this happened:

This resulted in my original exhaust hangars to stretched and twist, and the magnaflow did not line up properly afterwards, so I had to cut the mufflers off and re-align them, then weld them back onto the y-pipe.

If the mufflers are slightly tilted when you install it on your car, you might have to cut the mufflers off and re-align them, and weld it again.

This is why I priced this very low.

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