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There are many of you in the Elantra GT and Accent forums that have read my posts, threads and some that have used my DIY's. I have really enjoyed driving and modifying the GT. But it is time for me to move back to the car I most enjoyed, my Z4. So here is an opportunity for someone that may not have the skills or money to have a highly modded out GT.

I have done so much to this car to really give it its own personality. It is a one of a kind. Below is information from My Garage. Details can be found all over the forum by searching for user name AAAAccent.

I also have many documented photos and a 3" binder with details or and instructions for most every mod I added to the GT.

This car has only 7,600 miles. Early this month I had the 7500 mile service done and added synthetic Redline MT-85 transmission fluid. With the short throw shifter, solid bushings and synthetic oil, this is probably the best shifting Hyundai GT out there. Most everything that people have complained about this car, I have solved the issues already. A great sounding stereo system. The car has always been garage kept.

If you are serious about this car, please PM me. I have no problem helping to get her on an auto transport, but the arrangements and payments would be up to you.
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