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The third and final frustration was that my 5.25 qt. jug of Mobil 1 was given back to me with what seems like two Dixie cups of fresh oil left, at most. I should have three-fourths of a quart left over, since an oil and filter change consumes 4.50 quarts, yes...
I double you'd get 3/4 quart unfilled. The oil capacity for oil change is "4.86 US qt. (4.6 l)" according to user manual for drain and refill, page 8-4. Oil can be mixed no problem whatsoever. Both oil adheres to SM standard. I usually buy pure synthetic and I blend myself with dino oil to the proportion that I desire. There is no standard in "Synthetic Blend" percentage standards.

Your experience reinforces my insistence of changing oil myself. It is not a matter of saving money. I know I do it right. If I don't, I have only myself to blame.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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