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I was driving my 2001 Hyundai Accent today, came off a main road driving straight and beginning to brake when suddenly my front wheels and steering wheel locked :eek:. Although I was driving straight it appeared my wheels locked to the right at about this angle /

I braked harder but as the roads were wet slid into the curb with a slight bumb (no damage) stopping right before entering a busy intersection.

To explain the feeling; the lock was instant, silent and apart from the loss of steering made no other noticeable difference. The wet roads made it feel as though I was skidding on ice.

I turned off my car, got out and inspected the side that hit the curb. Got back in and found the steering wheel was no longer locked but as I turned it slightly it locked like its supposed to when stationary. Unlocked the wheel and turned on the car, drove home which took about 2 minutes and came to this website.

I have been reading online and it appears that the steering wheel can often lock but its seems to happen when turning, I was going straight at the time.

What could have caused this?

Although this all happened in an instant I am fairly sure it could not have just been the ignition lock cylinder because the wheels must have been turned by something.

Would really appreciate any advice, thanks in advance.
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