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First off, I give you a pat on the back for trying to solve the issue yourself! And ultimately getting the whole job done yourself. I will state the obvious here, but I make it a habit, even when doing brakes on just the front, or just the rear, to at least pull the wheels and calipers on the brakes that I'm not working on to double check them. Although the pads may be fine, always pull the calipers and check the slides, and in your case make sure the pads are lubricated properly and float properly in the caliper. I drive a VW stick shift vehicle, and because of downshifting saving wear on brakes, typically I get about 60k miles out of rear pads, so I always check the rear calipers to make sure nothing is seized up when I replace my front pads.

Okay, the obvious is out of the way. Now. a little trick. If you want to isolate a caliper to see if it's a squeaker, buy a brake hose clamp tool. (available at any ***good*** auto parts store).

Reach up behind the wheel and clamp the soft flexible hose on the caliper you suspect is causing the problem. Now, tie the clamp out of the way so it doesn't interfere while driving. Take the car for a test drive, but NOT on major roads, as you've just disabled one of your calipers. (isolating your variable) If your squeaking goes away. Whallah, it's that wheel. If you think both rears are squeaking, then pinch off both rear calipers and give it a drive. You've essentially put all the braking to the front wheels so BE CAREFUL!! and don't EVER do this on a road with traffic. And if you suspect it's a front, and pinch one, you're going to get a steering pull while braking when you pinch off one front caliper.

REMEMBER, this is VERY backwoods, but works AWESOME! It's not dangerous, as long as you know where your e-brake is and you stay away from roads with traffic. As you work on vehicles longer, you'll be able to pinpoint locations of noises very easily without this method.

Keep up the good efforts. Repairing a car is 90% correct diagnosis, 10% work. Don't rush the diagnosis and do too much work!

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