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Hi forumites!

I just recently purchased a new-for-me 2007 Santa Fe CRDi. Being a mechanic I just can't help but play with it though!
Anyway, when I got it, I noticed that the two front inner wheel guards have these extensions which stick out below the front of the bodywork.

Both of mine were cracked badly, probably from stone chips.
Initially, I removed them and repaired them with fibreglass, which did the job but the passengers side was missing a huge piece which was too hard to make look nice. So I rang Hyundai and to my surprise, the complete set, for both sides came to only $140, with all the clips! Why waste my time repairing them?
But because it's me I couldn't just replace them with the new ones. Why not try and make them stronger?
So I made up some cardboard 'lids' and proceeded to fill the hollow front parts of the guard with space-filling building foam, which when cured is very strong, but very light stuff. A little bit goes a long way, so after it was cured, I hacksawed it level and then painted the whole lot with underbody sealant. I also painted the rest of the inner guards with stone chip resistant paint to match the original sealer.

Refitted, they will no doubt be able to withstand a lot more impact than before. Hopefully, I won't have to take them off again.

Next step is fitting a nudge bar and bending up an alloy bash plate.
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