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I just picked up these Volk GT-C's for my RX-7 recently, but I'm honestly not as happy with them as I thought. Maybe because they're gold. lol

Fronts are 18X9 +42 "face 1" which is flat.

Rears are 18X10 +37 "Face 2" which is concave.

The tires on the rims are pretty much toast and require immediate replacement, so please take that into consideration.

The wheels overall make a perfect set and should RWD platforms like GenCoupes with relative ease.

The rims themselves are in EXCELLENT condition and I'll even include the Rays lug-nuts that are specifically required for these wheels.

Only thing I don't have are the Volk center-caps, which you can find on eBay, etc. for about $160.


TRADING FOR: 18" or 19" squared or staggered. I like CCW's, other Volk models, Works, etc. No RPF1's and "VIP" styles, please.

Price: $2,500 - no tires (they're toast anyways, lol)
Location: Alpharetta, GA

Post or PM me.


- Mike
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