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hey guys...
how are you doing.........
i am new to this forum....actually i was having the Suzuki product and used to write on that forum.......but next year i am going to be a permanent member of your i am not going to purchase a hyundai product....
yesterday i saw some pictures of the Hyundai new product "TUCSON"....guys it is really coooooool is some information which i ot about the car:
the car is having Family resemblance to the Santa Fe , but the 2005 Hyundai Tucson is toned down and much more attractive. It’s more like a five-door, jacked-up hatchback than a true SUV. The interior is nicely designed and functionally laid out, with an easy-to-clean plastic cargo floor under the removable rubber mat. Dimensionally, the Tucson’s key attributes are on par with the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Toyota RAV4 (with the exception of the cargo capacity measurement).

i am sure that it will beat the all models in the market in coming year.....
i"ll send you the pictures of the car after few days.This time i have got to go .
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