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Alright so after doing some research this is what I'm thinking how the set up is suppose to go, (PLEASE IF IM WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING PUT YOUR IMPUT IN) I wanna get this right, gonna try and install these sometime during the week/end.. Seems basic (even since there wasn't a freakin installation guide or manual. I know how to remove the bumper from the car from when I removed the grill to plastidip. I know form forum searching fog light installs, it's def harder but has been done without taking the bumper off the car. Do any of you's know how to remove the ugly a** black cover to where the fog lights should be? (On the GLS model)

- connect the 2 fog lights to the wiring harness
-then from that work you way up to the battery?/ red wire connect to positive battery terminal
-black wire gets grounded??/ or to the negative battery terminal ?
-then the yellow wire harness thing gets connect to the switch( which I will hopefully feeding threw a grommet on the firewall)
-then I got the other red and black wires.. ( that don't have anything on the end of them..??)

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