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We just bought a 2013 Elantra GLS and we noticed a fluid like sound coming from behind the dash. I captured it pretty well on this video https//

You can hear it kind of prefer out after the blower shuts off.

With my head under the passenger side dash my best guess is it coming from the Evaporator area. It only happens when the AC is on and doesn't get any louder or quieter. If I were to describe it, maybe like if there were air bubbles in the coolant this could be the sound made when the coolant stops moving. Sort.of like a faint bubbling sound. It's irregular so doesn't sound like a fan or motor issue.

A common issue seems to be debris in the AC drain tube causing water to build up and spill onto the passenger floor. I've blown it through both ends of the drain pipe and it looks to be draining correctly. I'm also not seeing any fluids anywhere on the floor or behind the dash.

I can afford to have mechanic look at in a few weeks but I was wondering if it sounded familiar to anyone.

Thanks for the help.
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