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Bought a 3.5 ton heavy duty jack from Checker auto years ago for like $60.

Walmart has a 3 ton for about $99 and Sams club has a 3.5 ton for about $70.

Watch Checker Autozone Pep Boys etc flyer adds usually in the Sunday adds.

3 to 3.5 tons is overkill but but has lasted way longer than my 2 ton punk **** cheapo jacks from Walmart. I have one good jack, my 3.5 ton and a 2 ton cheapo jack currently. Their highest lb aluminum jack not their 3,000 cheapie.

20% off coupon in the backs of all Popular Mechanics magazines for Harbor Freight, can ever be used 20% off sales items as long as it is a straight sale item and not a coupon item.

There all made in china for the most part. Anything less than 3 ton jacks are pretty lame in my opinion. No matter what use jacks stands in combination with any floor jack no matter what the brand.

Just use low profile ramps if doing oil changes, way easier. Use Blitz Rhino 12,000 lb (not the 8000lb) plastic ramps from Walmart, one of the few floor ramps I have used that dont slip like many can.

Watch the lifting pad size some can get pretty tiny, my 3.5 ton has a large pad with lips.

P.S. think Sams club still has a lifetime warranty, just keep your receipt. A lot of floor jacks can get a case of the creeps (down) over time even the better end ones.
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