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When i bought my 07 SE in late 2016 it had 111k miles and a blown engine due to the previous owner running it out of oil. That engine was gruesome oily mess. I replaced the engine with a used one from another 07 Entourage and I'm pretty sure that the replacement engine was steam-cleaned/pressure washed by the seller. It was very clean.

That didn't last very long and oil soon started to drip onto the alternator (which I had wiped pretty clean when I transferred it from the old engine to the replacement engine. I just shrugged and put oil leak diagnosis/repair on the back burner because I could see that this would be no simple cam cover gasket replacement.

As the miles added up the area below the oil filter housing got messier and messier and I knew that I wasn't doing sloppy oil changes. Oil was leaking from an unknown area below the oil filter housing and everthing is so packed into that area I gave up trying to find it.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and the van now showing 141k miles on a 1.5 hour family trip and the alternator croaked. Great. I stopped at a Walmart, bought two group 24F batteries, and kept on driving. Without going into the details we made it home and I began planning an epic repair/maintenance job.

I would be replacing the alternator and did not want a new part to get soaked in leaking oil so I would also be attacking oil leaks. Since the upper intake would be coming off to get at the rear cam cover, I would also do spark plugs and ignition coils at that time. And since I was so far into the engine why not locate and fix that messy oil filter housing leak. I knew that it would be ugly but I didn't know it would be THAT ugly.

I need to stop now to get stuff done around the house
but I will leave you with this pic from yesterday.
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