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After owning and driving a 2012 Sonata Hybrid now for almost two years and loving it my wife and I decided to trade in her 2011 VW Sportwagen TDI diesel in on an 2013 Elantra GT.
I am impressed with Hyundai. I traded in a 2007 Mercedes E320 Diesel on my Sonata. The Mercedes cost almost twice what I paid for the Sonata and I really believe the Sonata is as good as or even better than the Mercedes in some areas.
I love the Hybrid. Sure it has some things I don't like but overall I really love it.
I normally don't keep a car but for a few years but with the lifetime warranty on the batteries and the overall quality of the car I decided to go ahead and purchase the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty for the Sonata when we bought my wife's GT.
I have never taken a loss on an extended warranty. They have always paid for themselves for us. I even get money back if I sell the car before the warranty expires.
I've been reading this forum for almost two years and now I can follow the threads on the GT also.
My thanks to all, I appreciate all the good info I get here from everyone.
Keep it up!
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