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Hey guys this is my first post so I figured I would just lay it all on the line.

I currently own a 99 elauntra. No complaints about the car other than It needs a bit of work. First off the big project I am facing right now is the exhaust. The flex joint in the exhaust immediately down streem of the primary cat has given out. The flex joint basicly is no more. I crawled under the car and was able to rip the rest of it off with my hands YIKES! so anyways now my car sounds like one of those little farty hondas that you see all over the place and the vibration in the cabin is driving me NUTS! and the sound is so loud i cant really have a convo with my passangers. anyways I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on exhaust. Do I just buy the new piece of pipe and hope that the bolts will break free (yea right) or do I cut out the old expantion joint and put in one of those ones you see at autozone or whatever. Ive got kind of a crappy total keept in my head of how much either rout will cost. The diy with couplers and clamps will cost roughtly 40 dollars. While the local napa can get me there in house brand of exhaust for 90 dollars also I would need new hardwhere and probably some new gaskets so about 100 dollars for that rout. But it would be an all new pipe and i wouldnt have to worry about damaging the old once trying to remove the O2 senser. Also I dont know if anyone else has experienced the same probelm as me but both my rear windows have fallen down the in door. I pulled them back up and I am holding them up with some wedges made from wood for right now. I took the door pannel off not to long ago to get a look and I couldnt figure out how to rout the calbles or if the motor was even working properly. To me it didnt look the like motor was even retracting and releasing enough cable from the gearbox.

Sean Scott

P.S. sorry about the word wall of poorly written garbage
Just run over to Hatfield, Mathews or Dennis and buy a pipe, gaskets and nuts... too easy.

Assuming yours is a 2.0 Federal Emmissions --> 28610-29754 PIPE-EXHAUST FR $201.18 , on our shelf, & 2 gaskets for approx $25, and nuts at $6 set of 4
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