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First Gen Sonata Being A Pain In The (cencored)! Please Help

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hey there all , i do love this car as it is slightlt better gas mialage than my lincoln,however, im about ready to shoot it.
for 2500 dollars we got this nice silver sonata thigns that we have had to replace
subfarame recall(i was driving it)
wheel bearing( went after car went down due to subframe seperating)
coilpacks,and plugs
5 belts
multiple fuel leaks
went in the shop 3-4 times for power steering issues
flex pipe(recent fix)
and recently it has now developed a nasty shaking, and to accompany it it also sounds like im going over a rumble strip
especially at low speeds, now i am a decent mechanic,and the guys who put the flex pipe on said it was motor mounts(bull(censored)
motor mounts are fine i have looked at in the driveway and i have made it shake by reving it up about oh say 1500-2100 and somewhere in there i have reproduced the shaking and rattling, its driving bonkers and it is starting getting worse,soooo i was thinking that either the ac/compressor is shot,or the power steering pump, from what i can gather it sound slike something is slowing the engine down,almost like the engine is fighting or something
any clues as to what is cuasing this issue? btw the car accelerates fine i really want to fix this car cuase i happen to like them but im almost at wits end here please help!
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phew wow oh wow isnt it just the stupidist things that bug you , non of the diagnosis were correct at all it turned out to be a bolt that somehow got dropped down in the lower corner under the motor mount , i just took it out and now the car drives like a dream, not to mention sounds nice and quiet due to new flex pipe being put on.
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