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Hi from Fay and me

Fay has been with us since new in April 2002 and I write on her behalf as she is French and her command of English isn't the best.

She is a driven lass, by two wheels actually and a nut at the wheel. Fit as a flea still, after a modest 97000 odd Kilometres; is that around 60000 miles?

Fay would be embarrassed at my praise of her; carrying without complaint... tools and materials to enable me to work on renovations to our home; taking her rival in my affections (the wife) and me back forth across the Channel between the UK and the continent to see the family spread around England, and to collect materials not otherwise available/cheaper/better quality; excursions to the far flung corners of the continent.

Has she ever complained? She wouldn't be French if she wasn't a little coquettish. Left out in the open in a temperature of -12°C overnight, with typical french female aplomb merely shrugged and refused to contemplate starting until I agreed to buy her a new battery.

Typically, Fay is demanding that I buy replacements for items that she would not be seen dead with on her anticipated prolonged stay in the UK; a bright new speedometer with fashionable mph figures to add to those of her native language, and a cure for her gallic squint to the left, aka new headlamps.

The final words of course will be Fay's; Bonjour a tout le monde et bonne route.
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