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Looking to put a aftermarket combo on my Elantra. Would like to sell the set of FOUR rims and Hankook tires for around $600. I will take better pictures tomorrow and post. Tires have around 3k miles on them. Not sure how much tread is left, as I dont know how to measure(I am not and will not google how, lazy, I know):( .

I am ideally (as most here probably) looking to sell to someone local, within my greater Houston, Texas area.. maybe a bit further out and we could arrange a meet.. we do get GREAT gas millage anyhow :p
If not in my area though, I dont mind shipping at buyers expense. I work in a warehouse and ship things out constantly so packing would be of no trouble for me. Price is possibly negotiable, within reason.. I haven't picked out my next set though so I probably wont be, if any, lowering the price to quickly.. but please let me know if interested and we can go from there!

I can still sell ASAP although I havent picked the combo out. I have a company vehicle and another car so if it sits shoeless for a bit, its cooool B)


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