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Hi Guys.

I recently picked up a 2007 Getz SX 1.6 litre that's using a lot of oil.
I got it really cheap so if I have to spend some money on it, it will still be a bargain.

about the car:
1 lady owner since new
75,000 kilometres on the clock
no oil leaks
car runs great
fuel is about a tank per 600 kilometres

The problem is the oil consumption. If I go for a drive at about 100 kilometres an hour and then let the car rest for awhile, on restart it will blow a lot of white smoke (this will not happen after driving slowly around town)
I recently drove to the city (1,200 kilometres return) and used about 6 litres of oil.
I've done around 2,000 kilometres since I got it and haven't used any coolant.
I pulled the plugs out today and they were all dry but they had what looked like a lot of calcium build up on them.
I was going to do a compression test but nothing I have will go that far down the hole lol.

I had a few people tell me to check the PCR valve and it was shot so I replaced it, other than that I've only changed oil and filter and air filter.

Any thoughts on where to go from here much appreciated.

Cheers Max.

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