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Hi guys
I am about to venture into the world of the unknown. I have a 94 X3 5 speed 2 door Excel.
We are due to rering the motor as it is about to click intothe 400 thousands, or maybe already has due to a period of no speedo. The car still drives ok but it is using a bit of oil as you would imagine and the fuel economy is shot to **** for a small engine.
Is there anything that I need to know about or any thing I need to do when doing the rebuild.
I am planning for new crank and rod bearings after a very mild clean up of the crank to get off the glaze that it will have, a 20 thou oversize bore and slight head shave (just to give it that bit of extra pop), OS the valves and possiby a rework on the cam.

The car already has a mod chip in it courtesy of the previous owners boyfriend. They were members of the Newcastle Laps Club. A bunch of guys that love to race around in the riceburning 4 pots. I believe it was pushing out around 105 kw but would like to see if I am able to maybe decompress it by dropping the pistons down the bore and running a small turbo with about 12 lb of boost. That shoul give it a figure of around 170 Kw. I will have it dynoed when the engine is rebuilt and make sure that the computer is remapped to allow for the increase in compression and litreage. (And also the increase in air flow if it happens)

I would appreciate any tips as to the types of pistons and rings that would be best suited for a daily driver that regularly reaches or exceeds 4500 rpm( sometimes 5500 if the wife isnt in the car...SSSHHHH)

Also I am interested in finding somewhere in Qld that sells body kits for my car. At present I have a Cyber Doom kit on it that looks sweet when it is good nick but it is around 8 yrs old so has seen better days. And quite a few gutters and driveways. lol
I haven't been able to source anywhere that does kits for it and may have to do some fibreglass work on it to get it looking smick again.

Look forward to any replies.

All the best and Long live the bear
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