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My Hyundai Santa Fe 2006 V6 3.5L shows error code P2100. I cannot for the life of me find the ETS relay. Ive scoured the net but just found vague drawings and pics that didn't show ETS relay. I would also like to know is the ETS relay also known as the fail safe relay or is that a separate relay. Ive seen pics of the fail safe relay but none for the ETS relay. If there is such a relay, can someone please tell me exactly where it is without sending me a generic drawing. I need an actual pic of the vehichle pointing to the darn thing. Thank you

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Hello Jeffrey,
To my info: P2100 Throttle actuator control motor circuit:eek:pen
So I do not see any relation to some ETS relay, whatever it is.
It says the throttle control valve in the air intake has an open connection to it's motor so is not functioning.

Good luck,

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ETS vs Fail Safety Relay

I drive a 2.7L vehicle and have the electrical trouble-
shooting manual for that year. I read that your model
uses a Fail Safety Relay as shown in the MFI section for
your vehicle, see second attachment.
That said, take a look at the photo's for your car as
I believe they will show you where the item you
requested is located. I also included the ETS controller
photo so you would get an idea of just where most all the
important ETS cabin components are located. I know
you do not want a schematic, but I felt that it needs to
be a part of this discussion, if for nothing more than to
allow other forum members to comment on my reply.
I think the reference to ETS Control Relay is used for
the XG350 model of Hyundai. I may be in error on this
so don't take it to the bank. I hope this is what you are
looking for.

Best Regards,
Paul (Another One)


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