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I have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe, 3.5L V6. I am guessing it is the Limited or LE because it has heated seats and

So, I drove the car home from a short location. Then, the check engine came on. Ran the codes as soon as I got home. I got P0300, P0303, and P0306, which mean there is a problem with a misfire in two of the cylinders.

I figured it would be okay to drive it for five miles. I got two miles, and then the power left the gas pedal, and the AWD light came on. I pulled over, and looked around everything looked good under the hood. I checked the fluids. Cables looked connected. The serpentine looked intact. I drove it to my friend's house, the destination. The car idled high and would not accelerate over 17 mph. I drove it that way for about a mile until I arrived. The temperature stayed normal. When in park, the RPM hover around 2,000. The normal idle speed before this event was 1,000 RPM.

At the house, I did more poking and prodding. I just changed the spark plugs and the spark plug wires around 500 miles ago. I noticed that the two front left spark plug wires were loose. The two closest to the passenger side. They clicked when I pushed in on them. I started the car, and the AWD image was still blinking, and the check engine light was still also on. I drove it back and forth in the driveway, and the regular power was still not restored.

At the same time I changed the spark plugs, I also changed the ignition failure sensor, so I had to remove the serpentine belt to get in there. Everything was running fine afterwards. I had a vacuum leak, and switched out the gasket that connects the intake manifold to the piece of metal that connects to the rubber air intake hose. The company recommends changing the timing belt 500 miles ago, however I have not done that yet.
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