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In this week, the EPS lamp flashed and after that the servo does not work.
After restart the engine, there is no error light. After turning the steering wheel the servo working for around a 5 sec and again EPS lamp flashed, no servo.

Any idea or experience what cause this malfunction?

Thanks if anyone has any idea or opinion in this topic.

Car details:

Body Type: [S2] SEDAN - 3DR 5P
Engine Capacity: [A5] 1400 CC - ALPHA DOHC
Engine Type: [6] DOHC - MPI
Fuel Type: [1] GASOLINE
Transaxle: [5] MANUAL T/M - 5 SPEED 2WD
Drive Type: [L] DRIVE TYPE - LHD
Production Date: 20061030
1 - 12 of 12 Posts