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I hope this post saves someone else a lot of trouble.

Few days ago, my car quit!

My car has 80,000 miles on it.

It simply would not start. It would crank, and back fire, but it refused to start. Could be timing, could be ignition trouble?, could be fuel line is plugged up or the pump has quit working or any combination of a number of things.

This is the route we took.

figured it was a fuel problem.

thought maybe it was the fuel filter, and on here or anywhere, wow, it is like no one really can tell where the fuel filter is.

to get to the fuel filter on a 2004 Hyundai Sonata 2.7 liter car, you have to put the back of the back seat down so you can access the rear of your trunk from inside the car.

There is a small panel under the trunk carpet about middle of your car. Someone had said this access panel was screwed down, well, mine was glued with some black sticky rubbery stuff, no screws.

after you get the gunk to loosen up around this panel (unless you are lucky and have the phantom screws) and you can move it around, you can see another "panel" under it with the fuel line and wiring coming up out of it.

relieve pressure in the fuel line. Place a rag over the fuel line and loosen the bolt that is holding it on so you prevent any gas from getting into the car or on you. Finish loosening the bolt so you can move this line out of your way, just push it over to the side.

loosen the little bolts all around the plate there, there are 6 or so to loosen. This is the entire fuel pump assembly. Unplug the wiring from it. Lift it up out of the tank carefully, have a paper bag or some shop rags near by to catch any gasoline that may come out of the assembly. In this assembly is your fuel filter. the black part where you find the fuel pump, that is the filter. it is part of the fuel pump assembly. It can be purchased and replaced seperately.

This was not the reason our car would not start.

Our problem: a connector was burned out inside the assembly. there are two connectors side by side that connect to the male plug that is part of the assembly which is not serviceable. when this burns out, you have to buy a whole fuel pump assembly. plan on getting ours for about $250.

We fixed it temporarily to get it home, but due to the gasoline in there, not recommended for long term due to the fact not all materials can stand up to gasoline.

we purchased some seperate female space connectors, very small ones. Cut off the burned up connector. Dont throw away your connector too fast, it will help you to make sure you plug in your limp along home remedy, connected the new female spade connectors to each of the two wires and insulated them one from the other. They cannot touch. using that burned up connector, you can see which wire needs to plug onto which spade.

I would suggest saving your old fuel pump assembly for parts later on that are serviceable.

In the meantime, car is parked in my driveway and waiting for a new fuel pump assembly.

this is the fuel filter:

this is the fuel pump assembly:

Hope I didnt leave anything out . . . . it has been a process.
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