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OK here is the scooby for all you people out there in hyundai land. I've had my 08 Elantra serviced sinced day one with oil changes from dealership and so on ..... I have over 90k miles and never had to replace the brakes yet but thats coming up soon. Now I've owned a 03 tiberon, 06 sonata, and now 08 elantra. Each car had its on problems and then some, but as for the Elantra 2.0 putting mobil oil into it, 5w20, through its life it is now getting a new engine compliments from Hyundai (Free). Guys don't listen to these back yard mechanics telling you that the noise is part of the sound of the engine because that is BS....Hyundai only cares for one thing and thats your money. What's funny is that the sonata should have been on recall for the timeing belt tensioner along time ago. Another thing the 2.0 timing belt should be replaced with one guarantee for 100k like honda, or a timing chain which the smat ones could modifyinto the block. This is just stupid on us for allowing hyundai to play with us like this. Just stay on their backs and not vice versa. Good luck
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