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The following post was placed in the general comment area of the forum in reply to a range of engine oil issues and views but perhaps it should be posted in the Australian area of the forum so here it is. I hope it is of interest to Australian owners.

Engine oil has functions apart from lubrication. Oil is used to help cool the engine, clean the engine and help reduce acid build up. Regardless what oil type or brand one uses oil change intervals must not exceed the vehicle manufactures requirements.

Direct injection engines may benefit from more frequent oil changes due to increased by products of combustion that these engines are known for. Using the very best synthetic oil does not permit one to exceed oil change limits under vehicle warranty.

If you have a high performance vehicle or hard worked vehicle then using synthetic oil may be of benefit and may even give one a warm fuzzy feeling but a lighter wallet. Just remember not to exceed oil change limit.

Below is a reply from Hyundai Australia and only relates to owners of 2017 Elantra port injected engines. The petrol question was in relation to Australian premium petrol. Hyundai Australia have given me permission to post this on Hyundai forums.

Customer Care (Hyundai Customer Care)
Dec 6, 12:21 PM AEDT
Dear Robert,

Thank you for contacting Hyundai Customer Care and providing us an opportunity to respond.

In regards to your query we have contacted our National Technical Department and are more than happy to advise the following:

The best practice is to use the same oil brand / type currently in the engine this will have the same additive pack. We recommend purchasing the oil directly off the dealership so it is the same.

However, if you are carrying out an oil change on the vehicle the oil must meet oil specifications listed below (or in the owners handbook) of a viscosity of 10w-30.

The decision between Synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral oil is not relevant as we do not publish or recommend either way. The oil must only meet the required specification. The fuels listed in your email are all ok with no issues.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to respond to this email.
Kind regards,
Nikki Jones
Senior Customer Care Officer
Hyundai Motor Company Australia
Phone: 1800 186 306
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